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Global Citizen - Nil By Mouth CD Album- Brand new and sealed. Glory & Honour Records 2011.
Cat. No. GH1002

Second official album from Global Citizen.

Awesome packaged album with full colour beautifully designed and suitably perverse 8 page booklet including lyrics and pics.

11 fantastic tracks including the singles Early Morning Star, Broken Doll (Album Version) Don't Make It Slow and Sleep Precious Sleep.

1. Kimochi ii
2. Don't Make It Slow
3. Things
4. New
5. Nil By Mouth
6. Broken Doll
7. Early Morning Star
8. Your Majesty
9. Hilton
10. Immaculate Ejaculate
11. Sleep Precious Sleep

Best Album Winner - DSOAudio Awards 2011.

"Mills can convey more in three or four divinely placed piano notes than other artists can in entire songs"
"The best album I've heard so far this year!"

“Nil By Mouth aims high and scores bull’s-eye in no time!"
"A very recommendable listen!"
Viva Music

"This album sounds very, very attractive!"
"I can't wait to see how this spices up the scene!
Brutal Resonance

"Don't expect to be bored by mindless faceless 120bpm techno, Rich Mills and Global Citizen batter you into submissive submission with bass heavy industrialism that Numan/Foxx and et all can only dream of"
Dominion Magazine

"Global Citizen are a bit of an AntiChrist super-group"
"Global Citizen are very, very, very impressive"
Synthetic Sensations Magazine