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Broken Doll Remix CD EP


Global Citizen - Broken Doll Remix EP CD BN Limited Edition Pressing of 300. - Brand new and sealed. Glory & Honour Records 2011.
Cat. No. GH1005

The second single to be taken from the bands Nil By Mouth album, featuring a host of remixes of the single plus remixes of Clown and Zero Butterfly along with an instrumental track Lethal Injection.

Track listing:
1. Broken doll - Single Edit
2. Broken Doll (Prone Remix by Flesh Eating Foundation)
3. Broken Doll (Rather German Remix by Reizstrom)
4. Broken Doll (Broken Dub Remix by Mistrust)
5. Broken Doll (Flips' Flatliner Remix by Flip Martian)
6. Broken Doll (**** Barbie @33rpm Remix by GCEE)
7. Broken Doll (Rest In Pieces Remix by Ghost In the Static)
8. Broken Doll (In Pieces Remix by Echoes of Everything)
9. Lethal Injection
10. Clown (The Great Pretenders Farcical Remix by Bedroom Fanatic)
11. Zero Butterfly (Chemical Wasteland Remix by JayFish)